Simplified Control Solutions

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Antenna Relocation Mount Kit


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Screenshot_20220618-110428_Samsung Internet

SCS-800US Replacement Antenna


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Screenshot_20220618-110454_Samsung Internet

SCS Lanyard


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Screenshot_20220618-110443_Samsung Internet

High Amp DC Relay


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Screenshot_20220618-110459_Samsung Internet

Signal Connector Dust Caps


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Screenshot_20220618-110433_Samsung Internet

Remote Accessory Pack


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Screenshot_20220618-110422_Samsung Internet

SRM-800US Remote


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Screenshot_20220618-110417_Samsung Internet

Signal Cable


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Screenshot_20220618-110412_Samsung Internet

Male Field Wireable Plugs


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Screenshot_20220618-110406_Samsung Internet

Low Amp DC Relay


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Screenshot_20220618-110400_Samsung Internet

120/240VAC Module


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Screenshot_20220618-110354_Samsung Internet

Simplified Control Module 8Ch US 12VDC


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