Simplified Control Module 8Ch US 12VDC


Package Contents:

1x Control Module w/ 10ft 25A Fused Power Cable Attached (SCM-800US)

7x Signal Connector Dust Caps (SCP-100FC)

1x Antenna (SRP-900RA)

1x Wireless Remote (SRM-800US)

1x Remote Accessory Pack – Black (Grip, Extended Belt Clip, and SCS Lanyard) (SRM-100AP-BLK)

1x CR2032 Replacement Remote Battery

1x SCM-800US Manual

SKU: SCM-800US-KIT Category:
SKU: SCM-800US-KIT Category:


The SCM-800US is the first controller built from the ground up with professional use in mind. Extremely durable, our wireless controller with connectorized control cabling will substantially save you time on controls set-up for your AC and DC electrical circuits, valves, motors, pumps, and more! The unit can be controlled either from the front panel or by the remote control. The compact but powerful, easy to use remote has a transmission range of over a ½ mile depending on controller antenna placement and surrounding environment. Works great even when operating on opposite sides of a building or other obstructions. The red LED indicator at the front top center of the remote flashes when the remote and the controller unit are communicating.  Additional remotes can be added to enable multiple users to work off a single controller. The SCM-800US features 8 independently auto resetting fused channels (max of 4 amps each) with an LED indicator for each on the front panel to show its current status. Unit has a simple control set up: a single press of a channel turns that channel ON, a long press of a full second or more turns it off or you can turn all channels off by pressing and holding both 3 & 4 at the same time for 3 seconds or more. The simplicity and variety of our plug and play modules eliminate the need for complex designs and sourcing of parts. Allowing you to hook up your devices in a configuration that works best for you and lets you get to work faster. Gone are the days of having to walk back to a rig just to turn something on or off, a quick press of a button and you are ready to go, saving you time and energy. Consult manual before wiring or use.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 10 in


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