Panel Bright Brushless Truck Wash, 5 Gallon Pail Kit

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Panel Bright is designed to clean over the road tractor/trailers and other type commercial vehicles. It will clean painted surfaces without damage (when used as directed). Panel Bright will remove carbon stack stain and magnetic road film from trailers without brushing. It will work in cold water as well as hot, and rinse free at any temperature. It will clean and brighten aluminum surfaces, during warmer weather. Designed for heavy duty cleaning such as drive through truck washes. Panel Bright is the best performing truck wash in America today.

Do not use on polished or anodized aluminum.

SKU: SEPBMK-5 Category:
SKU: SEPBMK-5 Category:

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in

1 review for Panel Bright Brushless Truck Wash, 5 Gallon Pail Kit

  1. Vasquez Elite Pressure Washing

    I’ve bee using this product for over two years and I tell you that this stuff works awsome . for the price you can not go wrong with the product . I have looked all over at other chemicals and all are very high in shipping and price that’s why I’m sticking with Panel Bright !!

    PS, just wished someone ( salesmen ) would reach out and ask me about my experince with this product and what could or needs to change or my opinion

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