Russ is a great guy and a good friend, he has helped me many times over the phone and gave great prices on repair parts as well.....I promised him after all the help he gave us keeping our other equipment running that the next machine would come from him (and he didnt tell me I needed to buy from him I just wanted to), so I just bought two machines and two surface cleaners instead, Thanks Russ for all you do for all of us!
Russ Spence, Prokleen Powerwash

Everything that I ever though customer service should be, was right there absolutely every time I called Russ.....It was all about getting me going, getting me what I needed. When I ordered this machine, I ordered from Russ because of his knowledge, I was nervous about the distance if anything ever happens, but I found out that this wasn’t Russ’s first day in dealing with out of state sales. Russ knows how to satisfy customer needs across state lines like he was your neighbor and he answers the phone as if he was always in the office, but more importantly, he treats his customers like they are his business, which they are.....You are a true asset to your profession and to us all. We all owe you more of our business just for your availability when stuff happens. Everyone’s service, parts and equipment cost money, but your knowledge and willingness to help is absolutely priceless!
John Johnson, Hoods Plus

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Russ is a great guys and huge help to anyone in the industry. I can't even count how many times I call Russ a week for parts or help to get the machine going again, because something's always going wrong. Don't know what I'd do without him and his knowledge of the industry and equipment. He's my goto guy.
Shawn Holderman, Prestige Pressure Wash

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We make chemicals for vehicle washing, degreasing, concrete removal, and residential and commercial structure cleaning. 

It was great speaking with you on the phone the other day. The detergents I ordered arrived (and pretty dam quick) I might add. One of the best bang for the buck soaps I have ordered in a while. Thanks for the float valves as well.
Look forward to ordering again real soon!
Mathew Johnson, Pressure Washing Services

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