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Hydro Tek

Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers are some of the best pressure washers in the industry. Ample use of stainless steel and high quality components ensure that a Hydro Tek pressure washer will outlast the competition and help you to clean faster.

LP Engine, LP Burner

Homeowner Duty

Direct Drive Industrial

King Brute Hot Portable

Belt Drive Cold Water

Belt Drive Industrial

HN Natural Gas

Pressure Pro

MODELS FOR EVERY APPLICATION: Hot & Cold Water Units * Cart or Skid Mount * Direct or Belt Drive * Gas, Diesel or Electric Power * Custom Models Available

Mega Shot Homeowner

Super Skid

BE Pressure Supply

BE Pressure Supply offers a full line of industrial power equipment including cold water pressure washers, generators, water pumps, and pressure washer accessories. Accessories include flat surface cleaners, extension wands, waterbrooms, spray guns, nozzles, pumps, QC fittings, and more.

Pressure Cleaning Equipment 

  • Hydro Tek
  • Pressure Pro
  • BE Pressure Supply
  • Delco / Simpson
  • Epps

SCU Skid

Power Shot Direct Drive

Waste Water Recovery and Recycling


Hydro Tek

Hot Box

Natural or LP Gas Fired

HX Oil Fired

Gas Engine Skid

We make chemicals for vehicle washing, degreasing, concrete removal, and residential and commercial structure cleaning. 

Steel Eagle

Delco / Simpson

For years, Delco cleaning systems have been a the leading choice among homeowners and professionals alike. Delco delivers a powerwashing experience like no other and the power it delivers is sure to make any cleaning job a snap. Simpson has been providing outstanding product in the cold water field for years and is a valued partner of Delco Cleaning Systems.


 Canada's largest full-line manufacturers of high pressure cleaning equipment.

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Euro Style Oil Fired

Powerhouse All Electric

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HE All Electric


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